2012 C kite Review

We took the top C Kites for 2012. This is our 2012 C Kite review

Kites over the years have developed but still the C kite is around staying strong with it’s relentless power. Many people over time have moved away from the C kite to the bow and hybrid kites but a few people have stayed strong to the breed of kite.

We have looked at the top 4 C kites on the market today the Airush Razor, The slingshot Fuel, The Naish Torch and the Flexifoil Hadlow. Check out the Reviews for each kite and tell us what you prefer and why.

The Razor 5.5,7,9,11,13

The razor is in it’s second year and was developed for pro rider Alex pastor. The razor is a dedicated 5 line kite with a high end performance which draws freestyle fanatics and wave riders together.

2012 C kite Review airush razor

The razor has great forward speed and is well suited for the advanced rides looking for a great kite which delivers amazing pop and is well suited for the unhooked riding. It has a 5 struts design to keep the canopy taught and open, which allows for more power. Being a 5 line dedicated kite it is easy to relaunch just pull the 5 th line in and away you go. The kite is super stable in the air and can handle gusty conditions well, being a C kite the depower is not 100 % but is good, giving the rider confidence. It has good low end power for the light wind days. The razor is well built and has a one pump system, to get you out on the water quickly.

2012 C kite Review airush smart bar

The first thing you notice is the build quality with 2 dump valves one in the middle and the other at the end which helps for packing preferences. Make sure you don’t spend 2 minutes pumping ! You also notice when doing the lines that they are fool proof as they are labelled and coloured coded. The back lines you have two settings the standard setting and the wakestyle setting. Despite the sizes of the kite they are powerful and grunty which you notice as soon as you ride. You also notice how fast the kite is not angry fast but controllably fast.  You receive a lot of feedback in the kite which helps for the gutty conditions and even in there conditions the kite is solid with no flitting or wissing and super stable. The bar pressure is light but not to light and you can always tell where it is in the air, and makes riding a to time barelable. The kite is easy to use but is suited for more established to advanced rides. When you unhook in there is a steady power so you as able to load the pop up. Overall you notice how solid the kite is in the sky and how much feed back you get. If you are an advanced to intermediate rider who wants a precise kite with amazing feed back you have the kite .

The bar for the Razor is the 2012 Airush smart bar which can be made longer for bigger kites meaning you only need one bar for all your kites. The central kite is coated in PU which is strong and will not corrode over time. The chick loop is small and operates a push away safety system, with the 5th line coming though the middle of the chicken loop. The lines are colour coded and labeled so that will always connect to the correct lines on the kite. The depower is above the bar and is colour coded, and is simple to use ever when riding. There is a stopper ball which can be placed onto the bar if needed. The bar has got a really nice feel to it which is moulded and doesn’t make your hands hurt after a while of using it. The bar also coms with elastic on the end to make sure that you can keep the lines tidy after use.

Slingshot Fuel 5,6,7,9,11,13

The fuel has been built on a 5 strut platform making it solid and stable even in the toughest conditions. As with all slingshots gear it is made with bombproof materials, with additional stitching to withstand the crashes

The kite is built on a traditional C kite platform which means it gives a constant grunt through the power and the fuel is fast for those who love there loops. Of course it comes with the one pump system so you can be on the water faster. It has also a scalloped trailing edge. You are also able to have progressive power steering so the rider can match the kite with the conditions slingshot are bomb proof and have armed key areas for maximum protection. Ut’s not a dedicated five line kite but has the safety of one. It can be relaunched with four lines easily and when you crash you can’t wrap any lines around the kite.

2012 C kite Review slingshot fuel

The fuel is the longest running kite in the history of the sport ( Im sorry if I’m wrong). It is a four line set up but can be used with five if you so wish. Without the 5th line around you are able to view the kite as it is and notice the handling it has to offer. It so direct and responsive and make it an enormous freestyle machine . The bar pressure is medium so it is not heavy that it’s a pain but not too light so you don t know where it is. When you unhook it it is in a world of it’s own. Its so stable enabling you to concentrate on your tricks not the kite ! Boasting big is what it does best and moves through the wind at lightening pace. The fuel a 4 line set up with the well engineered safety system of a 5th line kite, with no problems unhooking. Despite the movement away from the C kite slingshot have seen where the Market is going and make an amazing kite which is really user friendly.

2012 C kite Review slingshot bar

The bar is a 4 line bar but has the safety of the 5th line to it. The chicken loops is an average size and is very easy to hook in and out of. The depower is below the bar and is tidy but some times if you have it depowered a lot then it can get in the way when hooking back in. On the central lines there is an unwinder to stop your lines becoming twister, but you must wash it after every session otherwise it will seize up and will not work, but when it works it is great. The central line has a stopper ball so it allows for the old school powered trick to be done. The lines are tough 800 lbs pre stretched so there is no worries of then breaking mid loop. The bar doesn’t have elastic straps to keep the lines together, and the central line is not protected and over time can become eroded if not washed.

Naish Torch 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,14

The torch is designed for completive freestyle rider, powered free riding and unhooked wave riding. The power is smooth and has great depower similar to a bridle Kite. Hooked in or unhooked the ridding is peaceful and effortless.The kite is stiffer in the air, making it handle gusty conditions well. The kite offers precise bar pressure with fast response, with unmatched pop when unhooked and solid power. The kite has fast and reactive turning due to the angle of lines attach.

Like with all Naish kites you have the octopus inflation system, this creates equal pressure in the leading edge and in the struts meaning the kite is more rigid in the air. Due to the design of the kite the load on the lines where they connect to the kite is spread over the whole canopy and this means that it is less likely to fracture or break. The Torch is a dedicated 5 line kite and this 5th line also helps to support the arch on the kite, and this means it keep its shape better and has more power. As all Naish products this kite is made with amazing quality and every detail is protected on the kite.

2012 C kite Review naish torch

Due to the kite coming in the most sizes it means that you can get the kite that suits you and the conditions that you in. As soon as you take the kite from the bag you see the amazing build quality of the kite, with double sticking and all areas that need to be reinforced are covered. The Octopus system used to be a pain to get into and repair but this year they have listened to the market and have aloud for easy repair of the system if you should need to do. The tips of the kite and shorter and the structs are fatter and this means the kite can keep it shape better in stronger gusty conditions. The short tip along with the arch mean that the kite is very fast in the air even in light conditions, and this also gives you a really direct feeling to the kite. It has got many setting so that it suits your needs for your kiting style, but on the factory setting the kite has really light bar pressure making it easy and fun to ride for prolonger periods of time. When unhooking the kite is very powerful but doesn’t give a surge in power but still gives a constant pull and doesn’t back stall. As the kite is faster this means tracking upwind is a lot easier to do. Relauch is very easy, as it has got gradual wingtips which help get the kite back up in the air. If you are stuck you can give the 5th line a pull and it will go onto its back and will right its self quickly and easily. Overall it is a fast and fun kite to ride.

2012 C kite Review naish bar

As the torch is a dedicated 5th line kite this means that the bar is designed specifically for the kite. It has a very clean and simple design to it. The depower is above the bar which helps to give it a clean tidy, which makes hooking back in easier. The central line is PU coated to stop erosion. The bar is colour coded and has a moulded grip for comfort. The bar has a sliding stopper to optimise maximum depower when riding. It also has the fool proof connections as they are colour coded so will always connect the right lines to the right place on the kite. The lines are pre stretched and really durable. It also has elastic at the end of the bar to keeps the lines tidy after use.

Hadlow Pro Kite – 5.5,7,9,11,12

This is the 3rd generation of the world class Aaron Hadlow signature kites. The kite has become more open to the non expert riders and now has over 50% more depower making it a more friendly kite, and appealing to the mass market.

The hallow has got great forward speed and loads of pulling power which can be generated into more pop making your tricks even more explosive and higher. The kite also has fast turning speed for those who love there kite loops. It has 2 power setting, with the addition of the new setting it allows for 50% more depower (when using the bridal). This makes the kite more versatile across a larger wind range and means you get more bang for your bucks. The diameter of the kite has been increased by 2.5% and this means that it is thinker and less likely to fold when trying to relaunch and make it more stable in the gusty conditions. It is also based on a 6 strut design, and this means that you have a more rounded canopy and this in turn gives you better feedback in the bar, and leaves the centre of the kite open which means that you can get more power out of the kite. The kite also has 3 dump valves, one in each wing tips and the standard in the middle, to suit different rolling preferences so make sure that you close the valves before you start pumping.

2012 C kite Review

Before the 2011 hadlow the kites were lets be honest a challenge to relaunch, even in the stronger conditions. Now that they have added 2.5% to the diameter and added a gentle angle on the wing tip it which allows for easy relauching and because it is thinker it means that it is less likely to fold. The wider diameter also means that the kite can handle the gusty and strong conditions better, making it a more stable kite. Now relaunching is as easy as pulling one line ( in light conditions though you will need to use the 5th line.) This is the biggest improvement in the kite form the 2nd generation hadlow kite. The kite is also very responsive and in the gusty conditions the kite doesn’t wobble or jellyfish it just fliers further into the wind window. When looping the kite it is so quick and always makes it to the top to catch you, and save you which i found impressive. The depower is amazing on this kite desire it being a C kite. The kite has become more user friendly, and now with the addition of the bridle you can have 50% more depower and this also gives the kite a wider wind range. The kite is a good way for people to progress to freestyle with the bridle on, and then when you are confident you can take the bridle off and you have a completely different kite. When you unhook this kite you don’t get a power surge, and is very stable giving good pulling power and pop. Over all this kite is a great improvement from the last model and has become a more user friendly kite.

2012 C kite Review Flexifoil bar

The bar has got a really clean set up to it, with above the bar depower, which is colour coded and can be changed even when riding. The bar is easy to set up and can be customised. The safety is a push away safety system which is useless full as it is the same as the leash. The bar is only available in one size and this means for the bigger kites you will have to work harder. The grip on the bar is grippy and this means when your passing the bar you will be sure that your hands will stick to the bar. They are comfortable to ride with even after a long time on the water. The bar is very durable with every part made strong. There is a PU coated central line which is very resilience.


This is a review of the 4 top C kites on the market. Overall the kites are very similar but they all differ depending on what you are looking for in the kite. For the mega boost and fast looping then the Slingshot Fuel is the kite for you. If you are looking for a user friendly C kite or are looking to get your first C Kite then the Airush Razor and the Flexifoil Hadloware the kites to be looking at. The Flexifoil Hadlow has a better build quality but the Airush Razor has go a more friendly feel and better relaunch due to the fact it has gradual wing tips. If you are looking for a kite which is good for the wave riding then the fast and light bar pressure Naish Torch is the kite for you. All kites excel in the freestyle element and we at loopingit can’t decide which kite we would go for. Why not tell us what you would go for and why.